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SBD-5 of the Royal New Zealand Air Force - Trumpeter 1/32

Brett M

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18 hours ago, LDSmodeller said:

Hi Brett,


Scale issues of paint aside, historical information can be of value here too.


The upper Wings/Tail planes of aircraft painted in USN Tri Colour Scheme (actually 4 colours)

were painted in ANA Semi Specular Sea Blue (being a Semi Gloss), so will have weathered in

in a different way to the Non Specular Sea Blue/Intermediate blues.

For RNZAF aircraft based on Pacific island (along with USN/USMC units) the coral dust was

a major issue, and cleaning it off was akin to chipping cement. Some RNZAF SU's (Servicing Units)

who actually owned the aircraft, used petrol/gasoline (which ever is in use in your part of the world)

soaked rags to clean off the coral dust, as it was the only thing that would actually work.

It doesn't take a degree in Chemistry to figure out what happens to paint after doing that^_^

Again the amount of sorties flown can have an effect on paint, these SBD's though only with 25 Squadron for three

months, flew sorties daily, so along with wear & Tear, maintenance would have been a more common occurrence too.






Gas soaked rags.....wow! Thanks for the info, Alan. I am tempted to mask the clear parts off and shine it up......

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