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Favourite 1/32 build?

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Interesting read. Sadly after several years of trying, trying very hard, I have completed just two. Hasegawa Ki-61, Hasegawa Nakajima Ki-43.


My record.

2 x Hasegawa N1K2.

2 X Hasegawa Raiden.

3 x Hasegawa Me-109F.

1 x Hasegawa Me-109G4.

1 x Hasegawa Me-109G6.

1 x Hasegawa Me-109G10


3 X Revell Spitfire Mk.II

1 X Revell Me-109G.

1 x Revell Hunter.


Tamiya Spitfire Mk.XVI.


Trumpeter MiG 21UB.

Trumpeter MiG 17.


I could go on, but frankly, I don't want to. 


It is fair to say I have utterly failed at modelling. I like it and can't think of anything else to do. :)






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My favorite was my first. At about 10 years old (1965) I built the 1/32 Revell P-40 that cost $5, which I vividly remember because it consumed my entire monthly allowance at the time for doing my chores. I felt this kit was awesome, and it set my life long passion for 1/32 scale. Still not a bad kit either. Now I can buy anything I want, but it was the one that I worked the hardest for that means the most... as most things in life.

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I had to think about that but in the late 70's I left deep mining (as a geologist) and when into outcrop (opencast mining) in in production and sales, Based in Scotland at that time I was in charge of coal production and sales for the first big mine in East Lothian so lots of visitors.

One being the top opencast geologist for Scotland Jim Anderson who was an ex FAA pilot Corsairs, so geology went to flying went to modelling  so to cut a long story short one 1/32 Revell Corsair in Jims FAA marking fully detailed cockpit with all the FAA mods (o-bugger what I know now) MDC was about 20 years away but I got such a kick from bringing the cockpit in part built and going over what Jim could remember  and reference I could get,I was pleased with the flare piston and flares all scratch  way before 3D printers .We were both pleased with the result as it was a commision the fee was a "drink"

The information about the training spending hours in the cockpit at night mastering the controls and dive bombing mud-flats on the Tay  with concrete bombs priceless.



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