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1 hour ago, Confusionreigns178 said:

Due to being some of the earliest big jets Trumpeter produced, they are not their best kits available. It probably depends on how much aftermarket you are happy to throw at them. I've seen both kits made up at shows and they looked pretty darned good to me. 




Interesting, as I've been thinking about both, here of late. Thanks.

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A good MiG-21 series: ideally by Eduard changing their mind about never doing 1/32 again and scaling up their 1/48 Fishbed series.


I second the Beagle as well: and extrapolating from that, anything I can put Czechoslovak/Czech/Slovak markings on.


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9 hours ago, LSP_K2 said:


Is the Trumpeter MiG-17 (and 19) kit no good?


Trumpeters Mig-19 and Shenyang-6 kits are pretty good. Shape and fit are very good, but take your time to align the multi-part fuselage. A bit of putty is required to blend the engine nozzle part in. Wheel wells are a bit empty, a problem that this one shares with a lot of other modern jet kits. A resin seat might be considered (mandatory to build a Pakistani or Bangladeshi -19), otherwise it is a nice replica out of the box. It's up to you if you prefer a resin cockpit or not. Recommended for an open canopy, not nessessary when closed. As always there are some AM resin muzzles, an Eduard dashboard and wheels that look better than plain styrene. We have some nice builds here at LSP. Definitly recommended!



- dutik

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