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From the SOD: ICM's 1/350 scale Großer Kurfürst

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All apologies to those who want perfect Germanic Grammar.  I just can't remember how to type that backwards B (what is it really called?) and never sure where umlauts go except when I see them myself.


This was actually the second kit I grabbed when I returned to modelling a few years ago.  But then I learned that it needed a new foremast for a Jutland build and my attempts at torpedo nets went miserably askew.  So, it's sat on the SOD for a while.



I started a water base for the ship a long time ago, but recently acquired an Artwox wooden deck:


If you're curious about which wood stain I used, I will tell you that it is actually Tamiya Clear Orange, applied by airbrush over bare pine.


I replaced all of the gun barrels with metal parts:



The turrets:




Thanks for looking!




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I will be following your build with interest Gary! You got off to a good start initially, the base and water look well done.  The German backwards B is generally known as a "scharfes s" - sharp s.  It denotes two of the letter s. 




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So, I have school myself on typing the Scharf S : ß  


you can also see it in the title.


So...  I've looked a quite a few WIP's of warships and get the idea that it is best to build from the bottom up, and not go back.  So, that's what I'm trying to do except when I have to go back and do all of the water action.



Mainly that means weathering the hull and battery deck...  and the main battery to keep it interesting.



That meant using all of my armor weathering whiles. 



One thing I've done that I can;t remember seeing very often is using a lighter color to highlight the top of the armored belt.






My rigging line arrived today so I can start to rig the torpedo nets.


Once that is done, I can fit the hull to the base and start thinking about the Artwox wooden deck and the brass fittings that come with it.

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I swear I'm spending a lot of hours on this ship, but I get so little done.


Today's episode.  I spent a lot of time rigging the torpedo net booms:



I added loops mid-boom with monofilament as I've noticed there is a restraining device on the battlecruisers according to photos in Gary Staff's book.  I used stretchy line for the cables.  There are still more cables to add.  Drilling all of the holes cost me three carbide bits today.   They stay sharper than HSS bits, but are more fragile...  and go through styrene like butter.


I also added parts of the Artwox deck and the fo'c'sle. 





The red arrow denotes where I had to separate the fo'c'sle from the battery deck.  Somehow...  something is crooked.  I don't know if it's my fault or not.  So, I had to remove a little plastic to get everything straight.  Fortunately there was a convenient separation in the Artwox deck for a water-break not too far from the place where I wanted to cut.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Warship work goes slow.  I never seem to get much done at once.  Over a year ago I attached new bras barrels to the trunnions of the secondary battery.  Yesterday I found out that my new brass barrels didn't fit the holes in the barbettes.  So, I had to bore them out, and my new holes aren't as pretty as the originals.  Anyway, they're all position-able and with a dab of CA, I should be able to hold them at a desired elevation.


At any rate, the battery deck is now attached and drying in place.  Tomorrow I hope to start prettying it up... which won;t be fun with all of those gun barrels in the way.





You may have noticed that the lower deck is a bit more dull than the new battery deck.  I gave it a grey wash last night.




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Guys, thank you for the kind words!


Today i meant to work on my group build kit.  Instead, however...  I spent my bench time attached to this ship.  I'm glad to have united the Fo'c'sle and battery decks.  Then I laid the deck-level furnishings,  and gave them a grey wash to tone down the yellow deck.








Once I get the everything done below the superstructure, I can fasten her to the wooden base for good.

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Really beautiful and first class work thus far Gary.  Both ship and water look outstanding.  Your base is very fetching as well!  Did those items I mailed ever get to you?  



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34 minutes ago, Greif8 said:

Really beautiful and first class work thus far Gary.  Both ship and water look outstanding.  Your base is very fetching as well!  Did those items I mailed ever get to you?  




Hi Ernest,

    Thank you!  I haven't seen those things you sent, yet.  Transport is messed up here at the moment.  I ordered some drill bits from the USA that took ten days to get from the US to Sydney, Australia.  Since then, they have been sitting in Sydney for three weeks.  I hope your parts are sitting there, too.  I will continue to be patient.  But eventually I have to complete the hull so that I can attach it permanently to the base.



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