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My last completion in what's proved to be a surprisingly productive year!


Special Hobby's He100 is a kit I've wanted to have a go of for a while, for no other reason than the HE100 looks super cool. 


The kit is one of SH's early offerings in the larger scale, so its not quite as polished as their current stuff. The build was straight forwards, lots of cleaning up and carving of parts. I threw in some imagineered details to busy up the cockpit and main wheel well. 




A few AIRSCALE placards around the place bring the cockpit to life.



HGW belts.



Lots of clunkiness around the airframe that just wanted some fettling. 

Here the left wing trailing edge has been sanded down in thickness, compared to the RH 





The intake under the spinner is depicted in the kit by a lattice shaped piece of plastic. I opened the duct up and stuck in the guide fins. 




I wasnt happy with lines of the nose, and spent a bit of time carving, filing and sanding down the nose to give it a more streamlined look, as close as I could to depicting the real thing. The spinner also got a lot of heft removed to make it more pointy. Check out other reviews and builds of this kit to see the difference. 


The entire kit was rescribed and riveted. 



My usual Internet trawl for reference pics/drawings, not surprisingly, didn't turn up much for this rare aircraft, so I again resorted to imagineering to determine where rivet lines would most likely go.


I used MRP paints for this build, and started with a usual black base, and filling in the colours to break up the monotony.








A light weathering, kit decals and then all the details, and the final product looked like this.


20201230_225338 20201230_225401 20201230_225353 20201230_225249 20201230_225328 20201230_225233 20201230_225207 20201230_225152 20201230_225139

Upon completion, I was suprised at how small the He100 was. Compared to the FW190, it looks almost dainty. Id always imagined it to be a smidge larger the the 190, but in fact its closer to ME109 size.



Happy New Year, everyone!



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8 hours ago, Wackyracer said:

Super nice build and thanks for the guides. 

Thanks mate! 

Don't take my work as gospel, I just applied simple aircraft systems and structures theory to the kit to fill in the blanks :D



6 hours ago, dennismcc said:

Firstly Happy New Year, second that looks great, you don't see many of those built which is strange for such a fascinating "What If" subject, and it's German..





Thankyou mate, same to you!

 I agree, it lends itself to all manner of what-if finishes!



7 hours ago, MikeMaben said:

Looks good Denzil , Happy New Year to you too    :thumbsup:

Cheers, mate!


6 hours ago, Greif8 said:

Happy New Year to you as well!  Great work on the build Denzil, it looks outstanding!  I have considered building this kit for awhile now and your build has inspired me to get off the fence and order it.



Thanks mate! 

Theres nothing difficult about it, just lots of the usual cut, file, fill, sand repeat! I look forward to seeing your results!!




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32 minutes ago, Out2gtcha said:

Wow, that looks amazing! I really like the bent wing look of it, as you really dont get that feeling when looking at the box art.

Thankyou mate!

Yeah, its deceiving, looking almost inverted-gull, but its just due to the taper of the short wings. They're flat across the bottom of the centre section, with a good smattering of dihedral on the outer panels. 

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