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HK Dornier Do 335 B-2 Heavy Day Fighter

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Thanks guys,


In answer to you question Panzerwomble, our laminate is going to be a tannish RLM 79 with RLM 26 brown graining throughout.  I'd have to clear photos of it with Kevin before I would stray from the topic at hand :whistle:.


Here's where I am so far.








Back to the laminate...lol!



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Hi guys,


Back to the modelling table while taking a break from home improvements.


Interior finished, just need to file the instrument panel a bit before gluing it in.

Front engine is assemble except for exhaust which when attached will be the only part of the engine to be painted as I am closing up all of the panels to save a bit of time.  Will just have to paint the wheel wells, and the outside. ^_^







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