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1/48 Tamiya Me-262 A1-Gun Platform Beginnings-03/09

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1 minute ago, CANicoll said:

Hi Joe, I just picked up the same kit last weekend and will be starting it pretty soon.  No AM for me on this build - at least for now.  But mine will be dressed as a captured US bird.

Looking forward to your build!



Thanks Chris. That'll be cool to see! Doesn't look like a bad kit and this AM set aint so bad so far. I'll be looking forward to your build as well. 

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  • mustang1989 changed the title to 1/48 Tamiya Me-262 A1-Landing Gear Bay-02/11
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Well gang.....this has been a rough couple of weeks with the freezing temperatures here in South Tx. Putting up with folks who know absolutely nothing about how a 4-way stop is supposed to work to the state closing down public highways down while it's 40 freekin degrees out with NO precip on the roads to empty shelves at the grocery store. Since the freeze I've been working with my crew 7 days a week for the foreseeable future till all this mess is cleaned up at our refinery. Needless to say, benchtime has suffered BUT.....I've at least made some progress.


Seat belts, rudder pivot and pedals all installed. The belts were Eduard color parts that I took the liberty of weathering up a bit as well as weathering the whole cockpit area. This whole instrument panel ordeal that's coming up is gonna be a pretty big task. I have the Eduard color IP but it aint gonna work with the Aires IP. No cheating for me on this go round with that as it's gonna be down to the nitty gritty with the detail painting. 

 Ya know fellas....the one thing that I absolutely cannot stand is when I buy something and then go and LOOSE it. I bought the decals for "White 3" and now can't for the life of me find them anywhere. I already know what's gonna happen too.....I'm gonna buy a set and then the day after I apply them ....I'm going to find the original set. Happens every single time. 




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  • mustang1989 changed the title to 1/48 Tamiya Me-262 A1-Cockpit Progress-02/23
  • mustang1989 changed the title to 1/48 Tamiya Me-262 A1-Cockpit Progress-02/24

Looking awesome...don't know how I missed the start of it...blind old bugger I am I guess. Building an aircraft though!? Who are you and what have you done with Joe?!

Sorry to hear about the crap storm (in more ways than one) in Texas! Glad you're safe and sound!

We get some nasty weather here in Sask as well, it was -42 Celsius while you were freezing there but, our infrastructure (all over Canada I guess) is made for that kind of extreme cold temp. and it was just another cold 3 weeks here. It's been +10 C. here this week, around 50 in your degrees and beautiful weather for us in February! 

Now that I've found it, I'll check in on your progress.

PS. I liked the Franze scheme as I got the build bug after reading the "Higher Call" as well and did the B-17 escorted by a 109 dio. 

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  • mustang1989 changed the title to 1/48 Tamiya Me-262 A1-Gun Platform Beginnings-03/09

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