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1/48 Tamiya Me-262 A1-Gun Platform Beginnings-03/09

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I can't remember the last time I started an aircraft model. Sheesh! What's it been now........five years?? Just haven't felt comfortable with my painting and weathering skills until the finish up of my Ar 234 last year. Additionally, automotive modeling has given me a new spin on airbrushing. Well....I guess it's about time to bust out with one huh? 

We'll be going with Tamiya's offering So.....let's dance.

Here's what's in the arsenal for this build:


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I've been busy getting rid of the interior detail/ ribbing from inside of the fuselage in order to fit the AM resin pieces in there. After accomplishing that and test fitting it's looking pretty good from about every angle so far.

Details removed:




The interior tub, landing gear bay side panels, and rear wall of the bay seem to fit well:



I test fitted the original rear wall in place to see how high it sat above the fuselage to ensure a proper wing to fuselage fit. Here's the OOB height.




and the height with the AM Aires resin piece fitted into place. Looks good from here:




So......I tried my luck with the wing test fit. I think I'm good with this:



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1 hour ago, Gazzas said:

That is looking great so far, Joe!  You got an excellent fit with all of that resin.

Thanks Gazz. Glad to have you along. Yes sir....you've gotta remove all of the ribbing to get it to fit like that.


58 minutes ago, LSP_K2 said:

Interesting cover on the Aero Detail book, or is the dust jacket just missing?


It's just the dust jacket missing Kevin.

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Very nice. I have two  1/48 Tamiya and Hobby Boss 262. I have decals for JV:44 Walter Schuck and JG:7 Nowotny.


I'm looking forward to your build. :)


I read Walter Schuck's memoir, Luftwaffe Eagle.

Excellent read. The book inspired me to find his decal sheet.



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  • mustang1989 changed the title to 1/48 Tamiya Me-262 A1-Gun Platform Beginnings-03/09

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