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Did somebody say 3D printed bf109Z conversion?


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This has been a want of mine for for a very long time, and now with my CAD skills getting to a point that I'm comfortable with I've started designing a conversion to take two Hasegawa 1/32 bf109 kits and stick em together to make a Zwilling. D Bellis has been a huge help with details already, he scratchbuilt a conversion for these kits back in the 2005-2007 timeframe and has been sending many suggestions recently to help the design be as accurate as possible given what information is available.


If I can get the parts looking nice enough I'll look at opening this up for sale to modellers who want one, but that's something I won't start looking at for a few weeks/months yet. Will post on the vendors board if I opt to start selling.


In the meantime, here's the first test print of the wing and tail parts to check the fit - the contours of the belly insert are deceptively complicated and it took many hours of trial and error in Fusion360 to get that part to look as close to identical to the Hasegawa part as possible. 

I blew the fuse in my basement when this was 90% complete which killed the print job, that's why you're seeing a gap in the center wing and at the rear of the belly insert... :BANGHEAD2:


Still to design are the cockpit cover for the starboard fuselage, cowling top panels with gun troughs removed, long-span ailerons, mk108 30mm cannon gondolas, a new wing spar setup, and of course, all that detail for the relocated gear wells.




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