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What little known show that nobody watched do you miss terribly? (totally not stealing ideas from MPK)

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No Panic, No panic, Its on what it's called, No Panic. Its on You To Sir, Yes That it was. I think so at least.

I need to deliver sausages, but I keep looking for Nazi paratroopers, I have my bayonet ready, They don't like it Sir.

They  don't like to be poked in the butt, they don't like it Sir.


Was signed, Corporal Jack Jones

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1 hour ago, LSP_Ron said:


It's been a bit slow because of Covid restrictions.  It's on tonight actually.


I have family in that Mahone Bay area, been to the Mug and Anchor for a pint a few times myself.




I lived in the same town as the Laginas, Traverse City Michigan...  though I never met them, it's good to hear people who talk like me again.

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Dad and I as a kid use to watch Earth 2, was a great scifi show, but got cancelled after 1 season I think. Mum and dad really liked Dr. Blake Mysteries but that got cancelled with Craig Mclaughlan was accused of sexual assault, but as he has been vindicated and found not guilty in court, I'd hope he gets his job back!

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6 hours ago, BloorwestSiR said:

That was a great show and one I miss too.


Still have a chunk of resin purporting to be a 1/48 Hammerhead somewhere in the stash. 


I liked Life with Damian Lewis which only lasted a season. 


4 hours ago, rtwpsom2 said:


Canceling that series should have been classified as a war crime, it was far better than Homeland which got three seasons. Guess you just can't do an upbeat series anymore.

Life actually lasted 2 seasons, I managed to find both box set DVDs and still watch them every year. It was, unfortunately, cancelled because of the writer's strike that happened after season 2. Great show.

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