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Advice - MRP "Orange Yellow" for USN types

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So, I'm putting together an order of MRP paints.


One of the colors that might work for me is this one:




I've been using Tamiya's "camel yellow" to spray the upper wings of "Golden Age" and trainer models.


The BIG problem with the product is that it only comes in rattle cans; Tamiya doesn't offer an equivalent in its line of bottled paint.


I've also used Mr Color orange-yellow in the past, but I don't love the stuff because it really does strike me as having too much red in it.


At any rate, I'm just looking for advice on the MRP product.


In particular, I'd like to know what Yellow-Wing modelers think about the color after its been applied (looks a little dark in the bottle).







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On 1/2/2021 at 2:21 PM, mozart said:

Moe, I use MRP paints and for my Tiger Moth I use "Marking Yellow" which is MRP-122.  I don't know how close it is to the yellows of the USN types but probably not too far away.....depends how pedantic you wish to be!





Mozart, thank you for sharing your thoughts.


Lovely model that you've got there!B)


I was always surprised that Testors never made a proper color for USN "yellow wings." 


Here's Tamiya's Camel Yellow.





IMO, it's a good match for the subject matter, but I don't love the rattle-can bidness.


Too wasteful and has all the other vices of spray-can solutions.


Let me acknowledge that your MRP-treatment looks like a good one.


In fact, it appears closer to a proper color for pre-war, US Navy types than MRP's designated bottle.


Again, I'm looking for a nice, subtle orange-yellow and MRP's just looks too dark with too much red to me.


Thanks again,



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Here's an example of "Mr Color" (not MRP) orange-yellow on what was something of a test subject for paint and rigging options:




Out of the bottle, the concoction appeared to be too dark for orange-yellow, compared to Tamiya's "Camel Yellow."


So, I mixed it 3-1 with insignia yellow as the lesser amount.


Still too orange for my liking!



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