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Christmas raffle 2020 winners

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2 hours ago, LSP_K2 said:

Coincidentally, I won a SH IAR 81 this year, the same kit I also won last year, though a different version. Pretty odd, but that's just the way it shook out for me.

Best to build both at the same time!

I had won the Testors (Hawk?) 1/48 Banshee

and assembled it right away because I knew

it would be otherwise doomed. Of course I

had to add engines, and do an in-flight build.

Thank you for the effort - appreciated! :clap2:

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Well done K2 and thank you for administering this again so well this year


Thank you also to all the members who contributed and took part - it is one of the many things that make this place unique and so special to be a part of


I have PM'd my prize winners and hope to get their items shipped as soon as I hear back :)



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A big thank you to K2 (and LSP mods) for all of the very hard organising work and especially to everyone who donated kits, books or other modelling related products to this year's Christmas raffle - it was truly generous gesture and provides some cheer when it is most needed considering the year we have all been through; very well done all. 


Also, congratulations to all who have had the fortune to be the winning recipient of a gift (doubly so for those lucky few who received more than one).


I hope that every LSP member has a happy new year for 2021 and a very fruitful modelling one at that!



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Thanks for pulling this together.


I'm in the mountains (somewhere in central VA) with no cell signal.  Currently at the local store down the road for our camp.  Bandwith!  Yea!


Will reach out to my contacts mid week.  Stay warm and have safe holiday and hopefully a much improved 2021.

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8 hours ago, MARU5137 said:

Hello Kagemusha..


Congratulations  in winning MY gift.

I tried  3 times to send you a PM but it says that

you cannot receive messages.

can you maybe clear some space  so I can write to you.

Thank you.


MARU 5137


Just cleaned my messages up, if I may can I have the Ta 152 and Ar 234 books please?

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