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45 minutes ago, AlbertD said:

Thanks for being on the front lines. You guys should be first because you deserve it and because the rest of us need you.

Absolutely no argument there!!  Then our elderly and those most likely to suffer fatality from this virus. Then, the rest of us!

Thanks again, for all you are doing to keep us safe!!

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Good for you Jennings. 

you can carry on with your job in the knowledge  you are 



Here's MY   :clap2: :clap2: for all EMT workers and Hospital 

staff- Doctors, surgeons, Anaesthetic personnel  Nurses and

not forgetting the cleaners,  porters ,auxiliary nurses and the tea makers !!


and Police  Officers  who have also worked tirelessly. 


You all do a grand job.





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My 91 year old mother will be getting hers, and as my sister is in her 50s with Lupus and is also in the danger zone, so we are hoping she can get hers ASAP too. With all the people around here who aren't social distancing or wearing masks, I fear for her most every day, as she truly relies on everyone else for protection for her immune system. 

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