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Displaying your Beautiful Planes

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I am one of the fervent adepts thinking that an airplane is supposed to be shown in flight :)


Jets are easier to display in flight because the prop models need an extra solution about the spinning prop and no real solution exists, at least none suitable for me. I either ends up motoring the prop or leaving it alone. 


Stand wise, I love round rods because I feel they are more aerodynamic and hence less visible than square section.

Whenever I can I use transparent rods but to be honest, your mind quickly omits the rods when you look at the model and IMHO even metallic or black rods are not quite noticeable.
What I notice more is a vertical rod than a angled one. Indeed, angled is more dynamic and often can be placed to actually help the dynamism on the scene you want to represent.

The method I use is usually boring hole in a MDF base cut to desired shape. In the aircraft model I always try to insert the rod into a hollow round cylinder which allows easy removal of the model from it's rod but at the same time is tight enough to prevent movement, and especially rotation. If rotation is a problem (like it was on my intruder AAR) I usually place a pin somewhere preventing rotation.


And if possible, always seek to seat a pilot in there, that's often one of the great challenge of the in flight scenes :)

luckily with a visor down and an o2 mask, you don't have to paint carnations. 


Have fun



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I hope that this isn't controversial, but I image the model on a stand, then use Adobe PS to edit out the background, add prop effects, and paste the output onto free desktop wallpaper. Here are some examples:












I should add that I've gotten a lot better at this during the COVID-nonsense!




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Ivanmoe, having tried this before I am awestruck by your realizations, the models are perfectly blended into your wallpapers. The perspective is perfect and these artistic renderings are awesome !!

You can't say if they are models, reals, drawings or paintings. It's an art on its own.


Beautiful !


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