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Kyushu J7Wi Shinden, Zoukei-Mura 1/32

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On 1/2/2021 at 7:06 AM, Phantom2 said:




Only thing left is to figure out which colors to use...


I can´t read Japanese and I don´t know what color-system ZM refers to, I THINK it´s Vallejo or Gunze...










Stefan, I’m not sure what the five digit numbers starting with “7” are - possibly some Vallejo reference but they are not Model Air paint codes.  The small lines at the bottom of each section that read “Mr. (some Kanji) C” and then a number are definitely referring to Gunze Mr Color lacquers.  For example, if you Google “Mr. Color C79” (third from the top on the left of your chart) you will will find gloss primary red.


Hope this is helpful.



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Go here:


Model Paint Conversion Charts - ModelShade


As Alex said, it appears that the small text is Mr. Hobby/Mr. Color numbers. At the link you can cross reference the colors. Per this conversion chart, C79 crosses to Model Air 71.003, 4 out of 5 stars. But for example, C58, the conversion chart doesn't show 72007, but 72007 is a Game Color that looks close.


I have a Vallejo color chart that came in one of those combo paint packs that shows Model Color, Game Air, Model Air, and Game Color paints. I really think that the7XXXX numbers are Vallejo, but it is a mix of the different paint lines.






Vallejo download color charts for models and miniatures (acrylicosvallejo.com)





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EXQUISITE  Workmanship  on the Engine.

Superb  witk all round.



So if you want to translate  the Japanese  writing in your post   this is what  you do(use a laptop ir computer . you can use yoyr cell phone but its a little hard to read).

Step 1 : Take a screenshot  of your post  with the Japanese  writing, or a photo of the wording with your camera.

Step 2: crop it so only the writing is shown. Save the photo you took into your photo gallery. 


then click on it using the link by uploading it.

choose English as the language you want it in and submit.


Your Japanese will be translated..

I did that already but uts Too long a list to read, and write  here and go back and forth.


The Link  is SO easy to use.

Here :


Translate images to text online https://theocronline.com/translate/


you can upload any foreign text by way of photo to translate. 

This will definitely  show you the colors I promise.




Apologies for a lengthy post. 



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 MA073 Scarlet red Mr. Color Compatible Color: C79 Shine Red 71003 70861 Gross black MA 003 MC 170 Mr. Color Compatible Color: C2 Black Gold yellow Mr. Color vs. Color: C58 Yellow A 71063 Silver (Metallic) 72007 MA 063 Mr. Color Compatible Color: C8 Silver GC 007 Burnt Umber Mr. Color vs. Color: C42 Mahogany Leather belt color 71040 70312 PA 312 Mr. Color vs. Color: C41 Red Brown MA 040 Green sky Mr. Color Compatible Color: C127 Cockpit Color (Nakajima) Old tire color 70974 70306 PA306 Mr. Color Corresponding Color: C137 Tya Black MC076 Chainmail Silver Mr. Color Compatible Color: C90 Shine Silver Stone wall gray 72053 72049 GC049 Mr. Color Compatible Color: C324 Light Gray GC053 ZOUKEI-MURA INC, PRESENTS SUPER WING SERIES no, 01 1/32 J7W1 Imperial Japanese Navy Local Fighter Shinden

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A BIG Thanks to all of you!


Problem is I´m an old Humbrol fart so I need to "translate" it to something I can understand as Humbrol, Colorcoates or Xtracolor.


I figured out it must be Gunze Colors as they are so common in all kits from that part of the world.


But I think I have it nailed by now.


I´m going to use the old White Ensign Colorcoates WWII IJN/IJA colors.


Once again Thanks for your help!  :thumbsup:


Cheers! :beer:


Stefan :D

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The first parts of the cockpit glued together;







I glued the rear shelf and the side panels together, the clear instrument panel are just added (not glued) for a bit more stability;





















Test fit of the engine and the propeller shaft and cooler;







More to come soon!  


Cheers!  :beer:


Stefan  :D

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The armament in this aircraft is 4 30mm cannons, heavy stuff….







They are really well detailed but not drilled open so I got two brass sets from ABER…














”The first cut is the hardest” as Rod Stewart sang….







But I stopped worrying….







The Instrument panel comes as a clear part, I covered the back side with a piece of masking tape and used circular masks from a Maketar set for the instruments….







Several smaller things primed with Alclad Black Microfiller Primer….







The instrument panel primed with the same paint….







The Chassie, or frame, whatever, You can see what it is, primed ….







Inside of the cockpit….







….and the gun hatch/cover…







More to come soon!






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