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Meng 1/32 ME-163

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Thanks to everyone for the welcome and curiosity to have a look.


OK so here is the Box Art, pretty nice but NOT by me...LoL.

And dry fit of the cockpit assembly before paint.

It really was quite a simple layout.


I apologize if I made any photo insert faux pas.

Using Google Pics for a source / host.

Curious what other use to host...






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On 12/15/2020 at 3:42 PM, Out2gtcha said:

Its a nice kit!  Just be extra careful on the fuselage assembly, as IIRC, there are 7 - 9 parts in that area alone. 

Brian thanks for the heads up on the fuse final join. It does look like a lot all at once.

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Was looking at cockpit color references and found this on the internet. The link is from the Smithsonian NASM (National Air & Space Museum). Nice little write up and you can download the pics for private use (14 pix for Me-163). Looks like you select the Collections link oon the main page and then search. Found a nice selection of the Ho-229, another of my favorites. I love big wings and no tail. Anywho for those who are curious and its free!


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