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Advise ICM with your choice for future LSP

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9 hours ago, Rick Griewski said:

Curtiss Jenny

Boulton Paul Defiant 


This survey is for real right?


They approached me on E harmony. Asked if I knew anyone handsome. I answered Me!!!


They passed. :wacko:



4 hours ago, mozart said:

 I also have a Bulldog which is very much on the build shortlist, Silver Wings of course! 


The poor dog!!!! Does it have a name???




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Since this is just another wishlist, I'll offer some wishes up that will A:  Sell   and B: And not just end up collecting dust in most stashes.


Here we go:  Every mark of 109 with every available Rustzatze. And enough decal sheets to make most popular schemes possible.

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While this is a wish list, ICM has been surprising with their frequent and unexpected releases. Iian, above offers the Po.2. I see it as a distinct possibility. Indeed, I will be surprised were they not to release that venerable and historic aircraft.

As for my choices? The Boomerang make a showing. I'd love a Wirraway.

ICM is proving to be a very fine model company. Plus me! I am eternal optimist. So why not? Who expected a German biplane trainer? I bought it. 

And it is Christmas. So why not dare to dream?

Currently I am dreaming of lentils. Mmmmm, lentils. :)

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Almost all the requests here fail to mention any of the Italian planes of WW2, surely a huge hole in the market.  Just glad ICM has given us the Fiat CR42, but I wish they'd do monoplanes too.


This pic has both the planes I'd like to see in LSP injection molded kit form.  For my money, the C202 was one of the best looking fighters of WW2 - simple elegant lines as only the Italians can do.  And they flew well too.






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