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On 12/12/2020 at 10:01 AM, phantom said:

It appears that the Revell kit is unavailable at this time, I was thinking of doing a P-51B any advice on the P-51B?


The only decent P-51B out there is the long oop Jerry Rutman resin kit.

Both ZM and HKM have said they are going to release a new tool one in the future, so I would wait for those. If you are really Jonesing for a 262 and the Revell kit is not available, I would go ahead and build a Trumpy one. It really is one of their better kits in spite of their niggles. Ir hit aBay for a Revell kit.

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Build either really id go with what i can get cheaper which will vary dramatically around the world.

Assumptions that Revell are cheaper are a falsehood.

Right now you can get the Trump kit for quite a bit cheaper here “if” can find a decent priced Revell kit.

Ill be using my Trump ones for those produced late war which where reniwned by JG7 guys as being not even airworthy on delivery.

Poorly finished, panel misalignments etc from the labour camp workers forced into production facilities. It took them several days to a week to get them into acceptable flying condition.
Definitely recommend the JG7 book from Bochme with regard to just how roughly manufactured late 262’s where.

Use the Revell kit for earlier production or one of the few well manufactured ones which seem to of been very few and far between.

There are plenty of good builds of the Trump kit and now the Revell kit.

Dealers choice..


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I have the Revell M262A-1 on the bench currently, having worked on the Trumpeter kit several years ago, I op for the newer Revell kit.  Does have it's fit and shape issues, but not as difficult to correct as the Trumpeter kit, particularly the Trumpeter mad riveter did not descend on it with obscene sunken rivets all over it.  My opinion anyway.

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i am currently building the trump it is not that bad the rivets are very petite and not all the older  machines had the putty anymore.  Right now revell germany in the usa are   impossible to get.  I was looking for their fw 190 a 8/r2 none   around   there are in UK with 30  to 45  dollar shipping so no.  also few hasegawa as well  the pandemic and  global shipping etc has decimated the hobby but otoh I still have a  pretty deep  stash


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