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Sad news, Chuck Yeager has died at age 97.

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Years ago I was on a recording session for some internet travel advertisement for Ireland. My days during this session, in which I recorded a small drum in a kitchen cupboard, I had time to kill. So I started reading Yeager's book again at the sessions. 

It disappeared!

2 weeks later it was returned to me after every individual on the session had read it and loved it. None of these musicians and technicians knew who he was until picking it up.

Then they tried to sell it!!!

I got it back.


Vale, Mr Yeager. Blue skies.

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I'm sure he is already dogfighting with Bob (Hoover) somewhere up there.


I had the opportunity to attend his conference when he visited Airbus in Toulouse some years ago (I think he was 85 at that time). What a character.

I'll always remember at the end of his speach when he was presented with a seat to rest during the Q&A session... his answer was "I'm not that old" :bow:


Eduard 1/48 built a long time ago.



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The USAF sent me to Oshkosh in the late 90’s.  I was a lieutenant colonel at the time, I think, and was scurrying from my airplane to where I was supposed to be.  Rounded the corner of the warbirds ops building and walked right into Gen Yeager who was going the other way.  A bit awkward, but neither one of us missed a beat.  Quick exchange of salutes, a nod, and he was on his way.  He’d seen too many things in his life to be nonplussed by an errant O-5 in a sweaty flight suit.  

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I met him at the Edwards gun club when my dad was stationed there (1958-1964) he later gave my dad an autographed

picture of him by the X-1 to give to me. Years later when I was in the AF I wrote him a letter and copied the picture he gave me way back.

He sent me a autographed picture of him next to the F-20 Tigershark. Still have them both. Another aviation legend gone.


"Got any Beemans" 

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