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P-51D 47th FS / 15th FG, Iwo Jima 1945 [TAM 1:32]

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After drybrushing and all those bolts.




The whole thing is still in two pieces.  I'm not going to glue the long block to the supercharger/carb section until after I have the ignition harnesses built.  Which I would be doing right now if my wife wasn't watching The Expanse, thus compelling me to do the same...




I did a less-detailed take on the piston primer lines than Mark did, but hopefully still representative.



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This ignition harness is nowhere as detailed as Mark's, but it still took me two solid hours of squinting and cussing to make.  My nanofabrication skills clearly leave much to be desired.  The upside-down tape on the work surface trick is a great one though.  It shifted the task of drilling 0.5 mm holes into 0.8 mm round styrene rod from impossible to merely maddening.  Let's see if I can now paint and install this without breaking it.  Then make the other one...


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Ignition harnesses and a few additional bits of plumbing added.  Next up is to tackle at least some approximation of the air/fuel/boost control linkages that sit on the back of the carb+supercharger+intercooler section.  Which is now permanently attached to the engine block.






Did a quick paint-up of the upper firewall and oil tank.  That's MRP Chromate Primer, in keeping with my plan to make this model my try-out for the new paint that everyone is raving about.  So far I like it a lot.  One thing I have not tried yet is to see if it's at all possible to brush paint details or small ding fixes with it, but given how thin it is, I'm not optimistic on that.




So far the oil tank is not attached - it's just sitting there.  I need to decide what other bits I may try to add.  I think the oil foam separator lines at a minimum since they are so prominent on top of the tank.  Once that's done then I'll see about joining this to the engine and running linkages and hoses between them per the shop manual reprint that should be on the way to me in the mail.  I also need to dig out and start on the lower firewall, because (as Mark illustrated) there are a number of components that can be built there which plumb to the engine and may be visible.  PLUS I need to clean up the fuselage halves and look at how the additional plumbing that Tamiya provides (the major oil and coolant hoses only) plays into all of this.  It's a good thing this group build runs through May, seeing as I have not even laid eyes on the cockpit yet...

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I built the control linkages on the back of the engine.  Not as detailed as Mark's, again, I know my limits...but hopefully representative of something linkage-y being there.  Then joined engine to firewall.  Now I can proceed to install the plumbing and control linkages that pass between firewall and engine.  But I'm going to wait a bit on that as I need a break from squinting at tiny things.  So instead I've started painting up the central cockpit parts (floor, IP, stick, pilot's seat, radios, etc) that go into the next steps. 











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3 hours ago, dodgem37 said:

Good show.  Nice detailing.




I’m trying!  Your work is a great guide to what’s possible.  I just need to figure out what is consistent with a) my skill level and b) finishing this within the gb window...

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This is looking great, that engine build must have taken up quite of a bit of your patience allowance for the week, I keep saying this but one day I must build one of these Tamiya "super" kits.


Never mind I'm going to keep on with my current PCM kit.





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