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QF-4G Conversion, Revell F-4G 1/32

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thx Jennings!


Got some more work done, fitted the cockpit tub and IP into the fwd. fuse.

Canopies are drying after a future bath at the moment. 

I need to sort the fit of the front, rear and lower fuse parts now....the intakes are NOT playing fair lol












also got the stripes painted on my GT40 build



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I second that!


Shawn, I have to say, I really like what your doing here. This is turning out really good.


When I was in fourth grade (1979), my friend Bob and I were absolutely mesmerized by his Dad and older brother, who were building a 1:32 Revell F-4 together. They were doing a great job of building and painting it OOB. It looked great and the two of us were inspired to continue building our own models. 


This has reminded me that I would like to pick up a Revell F-4 and build it, just for old times sake, so this project is really fun to see. Plus, it's just damm fine work which is a pleasure to follow and watch come together.  



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thanks guys!

Its gonna be a NOLO build, one bang seat up front and an empty pit in the rear.

I've got the fuse halves all glue up, still fighting with the intakes though and to be honest its zapped my motivation.

I've been working a lot on my Corrado lately in the garage.







BUT I did finish my GT40


GT40 Early


Click the pic to see the whole album

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