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AIMS 1/32 Late war 109's Vol. 2

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AIMS Bf 109 Late War 109's Vol. 2
Hi everyone, hope you are all safe and well. As you all know there is a terrible shortage of Bf 109 decals on the market lol so with my 1/48 Late War 109 decal sheet selling out last week I thought I would get on with my Volume 2. After the Spitfire decals are printed then this lot will be sent off. Hope you like, I know some are available in kits, some have been available in kits - for better or worse but it is the selection I wanted regardless, perhaps there is still something there for you - I hope so. Best wishes, John
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@Pastor John

may i ask what your reference is for the K-4 'Maxi'?

I have searched high and low but cannot find it!

would very much appreciate if you could post the pic on which this scheme is based, or PM / email me if you can't post it here


many thanks


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