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New, Incredible, Beautiful Tamiya Release Coming Soon; Anyone Know What it is?

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3 hours ago, cbk57 said:

The car guys on f1 modeling site are hoping for automotive.  My bet is it is not armor as they have just been dropping 1/35 armor with no build up.  So I don:t see armor meriting a teaser.  Big ship kit 1/350, maybe, big plane maybe, big car maybe.  My fear though is Andy is teasing a kit rerelease which was announced some time ago but will be out shortly which is the classic 1/12 Porsche 935.  The first kits are just starting to come in of that one and Andy is likely to be getting a few.  But this is not a new kit in any regard that I can tell.  Now I have wanted one for many years and they tend to be really expensive so I may finally pick one up.  However, this could be what he is teasing.  I think it is worst case scenario from my stand point.  As I love big new Tamiya releases.  I don’t always buy them but that does not mean I am not interested.  

I would love a modern 1/12 F1 car or a 1/32 F-4B.

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1 hour ago, LSP_K2 said:


What, if anything, is wrong with the HKM 1:48 Fortress?

Theres a few shape issues carried over from their 1/32 kit and a few other oopsies but that’s not the point....  the point is the regularly surfacing rumor that Tamiya will release a new tool 1/48 B-17G kit.  It’s been around for at least two or three decades and nothing has ever materialized of it....hence the unicorn reference.

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I'd really like to see Tamiya do another 1/12 (1/8 would be better) motorcycle kit with the same level of detail as their RC166 kit, including a bunch of detail-up sets just like they did for the RC166. I would like to see a Kawasaki personally. Either a 500 or 750cc two-stroke triple from the 1970's, or a Z1-900. But I think the quintessential motorcycle kit would have to be a Honda 750-Four.

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7 hours ago, RadBaron said:

It SEEMS that way, buuuuuuut:




What silly prawn designed this ......   errrr.... contraption?? :mental: :shrug:


But all your guesses are wrong.  It will be a P-40B, 'cos I've just finished one.  Now, the one I want is a P-40N to complete my P-40 collection, so it definitely won't be that. :hmmm:





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