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Gator Glue..No More....

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8 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:


There appears to be multiple, similarly-named products that people seem to confuse when discussing this topic. The specific product we're discussing here is Gator's Grip, and looks like this:




Whereas the one below is a different animal altogether, though I've never tried it, and can't comment on its efficacy:






The second one is useless for models.  It expands as it dries, to fill in and grab cracks.   Great for pottery or concrete but takes some time to set up.  I.e., it doesn't have any tack, initially.   But once it dries, it's strong as hell.

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12 hours ago, Jennings Heilig said:

Where did you buy the Ultra Glue?  Link?

Jennings, I got it at my LHS. 

Looks like Sprue Bros carries it.






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Just FYI. I emailed him yesterday to see if he was still sending out leftover stock or what. He is completely closed down and no longer filling orders. I guess you can get the glue from any retailers who have remaining stock, but the masks that he also sold on his website are no more. 

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