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New range of 1/72 DC-8 kits coming from Mach 2

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8 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:

What type of kits are these likely to be, Tom? By that I mean, resin, vac/resin (a la Welsh Models), or short-run injection-moulded?



Hi Kev,


They are injection-moulded but certainly come under the ‘short run’ bracket. 

As Jennings insinuates, the quality of Mach 2 kits is somewhat ‘variable’...



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With anybody else (meaning me) I’d suggest steer clear of Mach II but with Tom building such great models from vac. kits that’s probably like the rest of us (again, me) going from an old Revell kit to a new Tamiya kit.

They're kind of like those old “Chip Away” kids toys from the 1970’s where you get a block (or blob in this case) of plastic and a little chisel and hammer and go to work removing everything that doesn’t look like the finished product.

so, yes...”this should be interesting” was pretty much what I thought but couldn’t put into words (Thanks J!) 

I’ll definitely pull up a chair to watch Tom build one though!

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I had the Airfix 1/72 Valiant, and was 'gifted' a Mach 2 Valiant. It was like comparing a stone spear to a Japanese Katana. The only place the M2 kit excelled in was the box art, a cool pic of an orange sky, a white Valiant hurtling away from the nuclear blast it had just unleashed. Airfix? Not so dramatic.

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