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1/32 P-51B conversion from Revell 1/32 P-51D early

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10 hours ago, dodgem37 said:

'. . . clear sheet  . . .'

Got a brand name?


Good show.  Nice capture.


Thank you.





Hey Mark. Thanks very much. For 1/32 canopies I use ,03 inch  K & S engineering PETG - Polyethylene Terephthalate Copolymer sheets. I have a stock I bought years ago from a hobby shop. Its the same company that manufactures much of the brass and aluminum rod/tubing you find in hobby shops.  I've found clear styrene doesn't work near as well.. or at least, I prefer PETG. PETG doesn't bubble near as easily as styrene when overheated and doesn't scratch as easily. 


Hope that helps!



11 hours ago, Nighthawk Calling 1 said:

Great work so far Dave, any ideas on markings for her yet.


Thanks. It has to be James Howard's " Ding Hao".  First built an example of her in 1/48 when I was 13-14, using the old Monogram kit. Always wanted to build one in 32!


4 hours ago, Steve Eagle said:

Nice work. Very good lessons for us all. I've never tried it, but how long of a working time is there with the CA/talc mixture. We all know, that as soon as you complete this nice bit of work, somebody will issue a new kit of this version of the mustang- Finally:wacko:


Thanks Steve!  Working time for CA/Talc depends on ratios used.  I usually mix around 3-4 Talc to 1 CA.... but that's a rough estimation, which gives about 3 to 5 minutes working time. Great thing is its cheap. Also, more talc = less hardness and vice versa. Recommend you try filling the joint between 2 scrap pieces of plastic to get an idea of working time and hardness.


And yes, I have no doubt as soon as I finish this project, within 1 month a new 1/32 kit will come out!  So..... your welcome everyone!


Cheers, hope everyone has a great SuperBowl Sunday ... I predict it will be the first SB to go to OT....Go Chiefs!.....  and stay safe out there!




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Next up, wing to the fuselage.  This means cutting down the wing leading edge at the fuselage.


I decided to bash it together by utilizing a combination of the Trumpeter top wing section mated to modified Revell parts. Eventually I'll use Apoxie sculpt to tie it all together. Fill and sand, fill and sand....


You can also see where I've filled/replaced the original P-51D gun locations and drilled out the new positions for the P-51B.


Cheers, and stay safe!










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Filling and sanding has always been the painful part of any build for me, more so when its a conversion... But I finally have it to a point where I think I am okay with it.  The leading edge at the wing roots was a PITA ... but I knew it would be going in.










Next up, a little bit of re-scribing, attachment of tailplanes, some other small fiddly bits etc. And hopefully in a few weeks it'll be off to the paint shop!


Cheers, and hope everyone is staying safe!



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5 hours ago, Antonio Argudo said:

great update dave, looking fantastic! one tip about the ammo panel on the B  is that they were smaller than the D model, keep the good modeling, cheers





 Hey Antonio. Thanks very much for that. With respect to the ammo bays for a 51B vice 51D.  It's something I have been running around in circles about. One thing I've struggled with scratch building or converting models, is reference material...no two drawings are ever alike, and as much as possible I rely on photos. I've seen numerous drawings with 51B gun bays smaller, others the same size, as 51D gun bays.  Similarly,  I've seen 3 variations of drawings for the shell ejection ports on the lower wing. For the gun bays, most photos are an oblique angle, making it hard to see panel lines, and of course are never from directly overhead, which would be best.  As an example, have a look at these 2 drawings.


Gun Bay Comparison


51B on the left, 51D on the right. Gun bays are similar. 

What I finally settled it in my mind is this:


Tamiya Gun Bay comparison

Tamiya 1/48 51B on the left, Tamiya 1/48 51D on the right. 

Tamiya 51


And these are 1/48 Tamiya 51D and 51B sprue shots.  The lower inside gun bay doors are slightly different, but the outer ammo bay doors appear the same.


So this is what I will be going with... my thought is if Tamiya didn't get it right with their research, well heck I sure am not going to be able to do any better!


Cheers and hope all is safe.


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Hi mate, I can guarantee you Tamiya's model is wrong, and also those drawings...  I have the NAA blueprints for the "B" model, plus it is quite obvious in ww2 pictures that indeed the ammo panel is smaller, also this relic from a B model,  here is the reference material, also keep in mind B/C models had only 2 machine guns on each  wing that's why the ammo panel were smaller and increased in the D model  to provide more rounds to 3 machine guns, cheers











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Hey Antonio.  Thanks for your post!


Looks to be approx 1 rivet line narrower between the B and D wings. But even then to my eye there still seems to be a slight width discrepancy between the line drawing and the photos you've posted.  


Seems the Mustang line drawings in the Squadron in action books, in every Osprey publication and even Bert Kinzey's P-51 Mustang Detail and Scale have this detail incorrect. Sadly neither of these books have a good photo showing the gun bay wing panels....


This also seems to point to the gun panels being incorrect for every 1/48 and 1/72 P-51B model I have looked at, including  Tamiya/ICM/Revell-Monogram, and most of the 1/72 kits.


The 1/32 Trumpeter kit is also incorrect.


But... shockingly to me... I just had a look at the old 1/32 Revell 51B... and holy cow, the gun bays, while poorly represented by scale hockey puck sized rivets and no panel lines, seem to have the outline (in rivets) in accordance with the photos you have posted.  Huh! Whoulda thought?






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yes, many drawings and kits represent this wrongly,  this happens   when copying from wrong reference,  1/48 accurate miniatures P51 kits  represent correctly  the size of the ammo panel, as you can see the length of the ammo panel allines with the panel of the wing light as reference point, cheers





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