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Sneak previews and update for P-51B set

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Some sneak previews and news about what I have been up to over the past few months. A few months ago I took the plunge and invested in 3D software and 3D printers.......and upto that point I had no experience in 3D drawing personally or to do the printing. Previously I always had to rely on others to do the drawing and Shapeways or similar to do the printing. Well I jumped in at the deep end and I have developed some parts and printed them myself (not without a lot of torture, late nights, frustration and lots of wasted resin) BUT that is what it takes to self teach yourself new skills and fathom things out.
However I certainly see this as the way forward and although some of my planned products have and will be delayed I am hoping that I will now create better products in the long run. Some of the parts shown are drawn by others, in particular the P-51B canopy section (destined for the 1/32 scale Trumpeter kit) this was drawn by Tim Perry. The first picture shows the first trial of taking the master and taking it through the process of getting it cast in clear, as you can see it is not perfectly clear, but it proved the point that the process could work. Now after lots of amendments and tweaks over the past few months, I now have two new masters shown in the second picture. The reason that there is two is that one is slightly larger to have an open cockpit option and the other a closed option. This is the ONLY practical way I could see to make this work on the kit with the SCALE restrictions we constantly face. So over the next little while I will develop this into a new set.


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