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Messerschmitt Bf109A (converted to a B in the field) Legion Condor 6-10, Günter Lützow scores the first kill for the 109 (Eduard+Alleycat)

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Well title says it all. 6-10 is depicted at a later time (due to the pictues I have) as can be seen on the tail.


Eduard kit plus Alleycat conversion, I really cannot say enough good about these Alleycat conversions - wow, they are good. Actually easier to replace the entire nose with a huge (and real nice) piece of resin that actually building the Eduard kits nose... HGW belts and Aires (or was it quickboost?) wheels were the only addition. All marking painted on. Scanned the decal sheet and made masks.


Hope you enjoy
















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Thanks guys !!




4 hours ago, SinuheH said:

Now you can try one of the early "V" machines in its odd bare metal finish that was captured and parted in Moscow.....B)


I believe the one you are thinking of was also captured in Spain... Stipped down and measured and examined in every detail. Have the report somewhere :-)



3 hours ago, Dpgsbody55 said:

Nice work, and an interesting conversion.  I wish someone would release a nice 1/32 pre WW2 109 like that in IM format, but this looks just as good. :goodjob:


You know, those Alleycat's are so good that if you should be interested in trying out a conversion, this is probably the best way to get your feet wet


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