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Recommendation for books on the history of WW2 in the pacific

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just to give you an idea:

ISnAP Sept2017 by International Society of Aviation Photography, Inc. - issuu. These  contain  photos taken by aviation photographers.




AVIATION – issuu Search

https://issuu.com/search?language=all&q=AVIATION &sortby=relevance&type=stack


Just to  show what they offer.

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thank you all for the recommendations, I've already started to work through the web based stuff and have ordered 2 books, one new and one second hand - India's war the making of modern south east Asia and Pacific War from Pearl Harbour to Hiroshima for a starter - I have no doubt I will be picking up more of the other recommendations. My next reading list after this will move me to north Africa but that's for much later (I'm finding lockdown in all it's restrictions is making me read and build much more than normal so there is an upside for me at least). I will need to work out what kits I build on the back of all this reading, I tend to like to build less popular aircraft (limited in 1/32 scale I know) or aircraft in the markings of unusual countries so will have fun researching and working out what to build. I have nothing built in Japanese markings (and only a single US marked aircraft) so that will be a certainty but what kits still needs to be worked out.  


Thanks again for the recommendations, it's much appreciated.


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