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P-47D 406FG Ashford, Kent **FINISHED**

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Sorry I should have said this at the beginning I guess!


Primer is Mr Surfacer 1500 from the jar, thinner 1 part primer and 2 parts Mr Levellinv Thinner.


all my airbrush paints are MRP - if you haven’t ever tried these, quite literally you don’t know what you are missing 


primed in white this time - haven’t done this before - mainly because I think black basing is far less relevant in NMF

I went for some old school preshading

this pic looks cool but I shouldn’t have done it, or at least shouldn’t have used black (a mid brown would have been better)

it turned out that the pre shade lines were much more prominent than I wanted

next NMF I do I will use MRP smoke or MRP exhaust stains and post shade



I think I then mottled in some MRP graphite 

If I do it again I will use a template - same effect (or better) a about a gazillion times quicker



finish is MRP super silver




hope this helps?

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6 hours ago, dennismcc said:

Looks great, I hate decals and paint on most markings but apply stencils using decals, so I have been on a buying expedition to get some of the HGW Wet Transfers in stock for future builds.





Indeed Dennis I have already mapped out future projects based mostly on what subjects HGW do stencils for!!

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34 minutes ago, MikeMaben said:

Looks good Nick, this is the Trumpeter kit ?



build notes:

1) you don't need all the internal piping for the supercharger etc etc; the cockpit will sit really nicely and positively just on a couple of the bits of ducting - sorry I forgot to take pics of this

2) the engine is actually very easy to fit if you don't use all the internal stuff just behind the engine. Instead, i fitted the engine inside the cowling - again a very positive fit, and then glued the cowling to the main fuselage. Positive fit, CA glue, all done in a few seconds.

3) wing root fits are reasonable; some brute force and sanding of the wheel well bits beforehand and you will escape any need to fill / rescribe at the wingroot - something i hate with a passion and will do lots to avoid

4) fuselage / tail: i glued the tail fin pieces onto the fuselage parts before the fuselage was joined; was this better? who knows?

5) had to a little rescribing in relation to 4), but in the grand scheme of things not too much

6) for flaps down, i think i had to do some filing and sanding, and then quite precarious with CA glue

7) landing gear is kit parts with Eduard wheels; scratchbuilt hosing; gear fixed using 2 part 5 minute epoxy from Bob Smith; it dries *very* slightly flexible, so less risk of 'joint shatter' from an accidental ding'; the join will last longer than the kit and anyone reading this. and is my go to for landing gear now.



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28 minutes ago, Alex said:

Looking great!  Those HGW transfers are truly an amazing thing.  Wish they made them for more kinds of aircraft.

Not just for more aircraft, but also genericones - i.e. for things that have a similar font and font size that is used across a specific era/type, such as 'do not lift', 'do not walk', various cockpit checklists or stencils used within the cockpit/landing gear area, etc.

I for sure would be getting them ASAP were they available.

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