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P-47D 406FG Ashford, Kent **FINISHED**

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Bit of hs chipping on seat





Used non blooming CA glue on the windscreen which was actually a decent fit 





And my one concession to scratching 





the alignment of the guns was helped by leaving the panels off so I could insert the barrels afterwards, but the fit of the panels themselves was poor


my attempts to fix them were equally poor and I wished I had done better




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2 minutes ago, scimitarf1 said:

Very nice


Drove past the site of the Airfield this morning.


There is a housing estate now on that hill in the background

it’s not that far from me but thankfully still fields around here

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Almost there with the gear now





I have to add the two struts from the outer gear door to the main oleo; I snippet these off as the fit was impossible otherwise




and it’s difficult to see but I had to sand down the stub on the oleo at the top of the leg (ie bottom of picture) so that the outer gear door would sit in the slot / opening in the wing


Note the stub does does not match up with the recess in the gear door - not even close


i wonder if I am the only one who has had this problem?


still, I have now glued everything and it seems to ‘look’ right 




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