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ICM I-16 RATA - Spanish Republic

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I am pretty pleased with this filthy little beasty.  ICM's lovely Rata.



I saw one of these at the Flying Heritage Museum in Seattle a few years ago. I think this example came from New Zealand where it flew for many years, and still flies in Seattle.



And then another in the Spanish Air Force Museum in Madrid last year.




So thought I would do a Spanish Rata to add to the collection.




The kit is really nice. It goes together well with the only real issue to sort out being the exhaust stubs and getting them in the right position to align with the cowlings.




I added seat belts from HGW, some EZ Line and fuse wire for the undercarriage retraction system and a Yahu instrument panel. The instrument panel is so hidden that it was probably a waste as the kit panel would have looked ok too. I drilled out the exhaust stubs and fitted a brass tube for the propeller hub with its starter groove in the front.




The interior blue is SMS Air Superiority Blue - looks good enough. Cam colours are from MRP and the red is SMS again. Both really nice paints to use.

Marking are from Begemont and I have a whole heap left over, Spanish, Soviet, Taiwanese and a couple from now defunct nations. I just had to use Popeye.




The aluminium ring around the cowl is a strip of Bare Metal Foil. I had tried masking and painting but it wasn't neat enough for my liking, so repainted the cam colours over it and applied a strip of foil. It does the job nicely. Imagine seeing that in your rear view mirror. Fat little angry thing.




The blotchy colours are just the addition of some white to the green and some pastel dust later. Matt coat is SMS. Oil staining and panel accent was with oils diluted with turps. Goes really well.






All in all a filthy little jigger with a heap of character that should look good in the cabinet.




And a unique scheme from Spain.



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