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BAe Hawk T.1 Finnish Air Force 1/32 Revell

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Dear LSP team. I am happy to present the latest finished model. Its the 1/32 Hawk Mk.1 of the Finnish Air Force. 
Kit: Revell
Aftermarket: CMK Instrument panels, Quickboost Seats, Avalon Decals
Paints: Ammo, Vallejo, Future
Weathering: Flory Models Washes, Ammo Oilbrushers
Base made by my friend. 


The kit has its issues however does fall together fairly well. Its Revell and its simplified in some areas but I believe the kit does capture the shapes of the real aircraft well. For those who wish to go to town on superdetailing this kit provides a good base. I used only instrument panels with coamings from CMK Quick and Easy line, and Quickboost seats. I have received the kit from my wife for Christmas couple years back so I wanted to build it. She loves colorful schemes that break up the grays in the display shelf (herself building a 1/48 Hellcat Drone) When a friend showed me the Avalon Decals sheet for Hawks from Finland I was sold. This one is ex-Swiss aircraft. All in all enjoyable mojo building experience and one kit finished. I saw a quote the other day on on forum that said the following: “The best thing on finishing a model, is the fact that without hesitation you can dive into your stash and start another one”. Happy modeling everyone. 
Cheers, Jarda Hajecek

50514869277_55bdee9601_b.jpg 1/32 Hawk T1 Finnish Air Force 50514707046_bcd9b648ca_b.jpg 50513991848_ecfec641e8_b.jpg 50513991903_b10f81b6f7_b.jpg 50514869362_81d1cb9749_b.jpg


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Superb and unusual. What a beautiful finish* in particular.  :goodjob:


I didn't even know Finland operated Hawks in that colour scheme.

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On 10/23/2020 at 10:20 AM, dodgem37 said:

Great show.  Great line-work.  Beautiful cockpit.  Did you produce the concrete pad or is it an after-market print?


Thank you.



Nope Mark, the base was made by my friend I suck at making bases so he offered and I accepted.  

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