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Fündekals 1/48 F-110As, F-4Bs, & F-4Cs

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I know, I know, I know... this is 1/48 only, but there are folks here who build other than LSPs, so it's just for information.  If and when we ever get an injection molded 1/32 F-4B kit I'm more than happy to revisit this one!


Anyway...  stickers for the two "F-110As" in delivery and service test schemes.  F-4B markings for the 4453rd Combat Crew Training Squadron at MacDill circa 1963, and some dedicated early F-4C markings, including a famous tail number as she looked before she became famous...   Rounded out with (for the first time - and thanks for all the help guys!) complete markings for the famous Ark Royal F-4B, plus the back story about how she almost caused an international incident when she got stuck aboard the Ark.


These are printing along with the Wolfpack MiG Hunters project at Cartograf, and we're hoping to have them done by the end of the year (fingers crossed)..








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Jennings-your evil plan will be better in 1/32 :D

look at my post at the discussion you opened about this plane(F-4B),apparently there was some stripe added(although it's your "loved" FB)

they write there that the story appeared in the winter 2009 issue of "The Hook"


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46 minutes ago, thierry laurent said:

I would buy it immediately if it was a 1/32 one! 

me too(not that movement:rolleyes:)

there's also a counterstrike-a Brit Phantom with Grey Ghosts tail..both in one decal sheet-more than enough

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6 hours ago, Jennings Heilig said:





Oh, and don't forget the ZM F-4C :)


Well I was always more of an Empire Man anyway, their equipment always looked so clean and shiny.

My ZM F-4C is slated for the BOLO sheet. I'm going to get this sheet and probably another F-4C if I can find one and after reading a few build reviews of the Academy kit, live in hope ZM do an F-4B at some point. I'd like to do the Marines Omega scheme and an F-110A scheme. 

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Trying to order some 1/48 decals from the Fundekals site this afternoon, namely the 1/48 P-51D stencils and Radial Engine Logos, when I go to the PayPal page to pay I get an error saying sold out. Doesn’t matter what decal set I try, I get the same thing. I remember you saying something about a new site when I asked in another thread about the P-38 decals, is it still in the works?

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