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1/18 Hawker Fury


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evening folks :)


On 4/19/2021 at 7:54 AM, flarpen said:

Looking really really great.
One little question though, the gap between the rudder and fin looks to be a tad big, or will that be sorted at final assembly?



Thats a great spot Flarpen - the gap isn't as bad as it looks in the dry fit, but on checking it wasn't right - I think it's because I actually made hinges that pin to each other so they were a bit too deep - got rid of the pins and closed the gap - I will just CA it in place when the time comes...


..thats what I love about this place, you get a free army of builders with you on your shoulder :)




On 4/19/2021 at 3:06 PM, Ironwing said:

Im curious about your simulation of the screws under the rib tapes...what did you use? 


Looking forward to your next update...and more self loathing. :)




..now then Geoff - no self loathing here - I have seen what you can do so that would be badly misplaced :) - really happy to see you back at the bench with the ST-A..


..I only did the rivets on the tail surfaces - it was just by imressing into the plasticard skin from the back before skinning the parts - i still need to find a way to do that convincingly on any model...


so just  a brief update as while I have been busy I didn't get any in progress shots..


firstly, the wings were given rib tapes from decals & primed & painted... also added the fixings for the rigging wires..






..also added these two panels..




..having decided on a scheme, I have also designed all the masks I need which Radu Brinzan has kindly made & sent to me - in readiness for these I rough painted the white bits of the roundels on the lower wings..


..I couldn't find MRP Roundel red & blue anywhere and have ended up buying them from a place in Holland - £30 for both after shipping so a bit of a sting.... once they get here I am ready to paint most of the markings..




..the other area of focus is the metal panel work at the tail and adding the lower rudder hinges..


..the struts that hold the tailplane in place have to be made, but the mounts are done (though they need their canvas boots..


..I also made the tailskid which again needs a big canvas boot - the skid bit was made from brass - not sure what the real one was made of or what coulour it should be?







..the other side has a smaller panel & the big hole is where the rudder control cables come out of (in a boot..)..




..and with it's roundel blank I am tempted to put a number in it and call it an air racer....





..I want to get lots of the fiddly bits done and all the painting before the final main assembly which is the upper wings - that will be a model in itself..






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Thank you for the bit about the the tape screws. I shall surely give it a try 

Now this is the part where something clever and engaging needs to said about what you've accomplished here...uuuuuuh..sorry..can't do it. This is just beyond me. I'll go take a nap and self loathe for a bit :)

Be safe



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Just got up to date here - Close up shots reveal the true quality of a model.  And your close-ups make me think I am looking at a full scale airplane.  


Decal paper for fabric strips - of course.  One of my problems is that there are household solutions to some of our problems in modeling, but my brain cannot put two and two together.  

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3 hours ago, JayW said:

Just got up to date here - Close up shots reveal the true quality of a model.  And your close-ups make me think I am looking at a full scale airplane.  


Decal paper for fabric strips - of course.  One of my problems is that there are household solutions to some of our problems in modeling, but my brain cannot put two and two together.  


Hi Jay,


From one of Peter's earlier posts:


"..before I could make that I had to sort out the rib tapes..


..this has been a bit of a trial - I ordered a sheet of decal film as that had given best results and is made by the same folks as micro sol & set so I thought would work well.. firstly I ordered clear film - that was a mistake, I couldn't see what I was doing so I ordered white.."



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evening folks & thanks for all your encouragement, it really means a lot to me :)


On 4/25/2021 at 8:55 PM, scvrobeson said:

Excellent update.  Wouldn't it be easier to use the same blue you used for the fin for the markings?  Then they'd all match together.



I was thinking about that Matt - I figured the roundels were added at the factory but the flight markings on the airfield so should be different - that said, I have resprayed the blue with an MRP shade but more on that later..


On 4/26/2021 at 5:33 PM, jenshb said:

What brand of decal film are you using?  It's thick enough to show up, but thin enough to look subtle.  Would have thought Microscale would be too thin?


Hi Jens - it's called 'Experts Choice' and comes in clear or white - it's great for this, but if it were it's intended use as actual markings it's a bit clumsy and doesn't hold paint very well..


..as far as progress goes, I started painting - not my strong suit..


Radu made me the masks and they were excellent - the only real issue being how fragile the surface is - the decal strip can pull off, the alclad can pull off, and painting onto polished metal means guess what - yep, it pulls (or falls) off...


I probably should have varnished the fabric areas but I am terrified of varnish after a few bad experiences - I don't know which one to use and I think I need another airbrush with a bigger spray capacity to do it properly..


..anyways, I did the wings first and had lots of touch ups after - thankfully where the decal strips pulled adding water tightened them back up and after that I used low tack post it notes while trying to recover some of the paint losses..


..all done now, and any inconsistency in the finish I will call weathering or hangar rash...


..the MRP RAF Markings paint arrived from Holland after 2 weeks but I have to say I was disappointed - the red is more like salmon and the blue looks like it might on a washed out Lancaster wing, but no good for this (I ended up using it on the tail..)


In the end I made up mixes from Tamiya colours..




..while I was waiting for the MRP paint to arrive, I started on the undercarriage - for this I needed a jig so made it up from sheets of acrylic so I can hang the gear..


..it has a tube the propshaft sits in and a rest to keep it level per the datum - plus a couple of balsa wedges to keep it on the centreline..




..this allowed me to measure & create the trailing U/C legs..




..all the joints are pinned (holes & pins) - it's quite a complex arrangement and it wasn't until I took it out of the jig for photos I realised how unstable it all is - the fuselage wants to rotate around all the points and as there are no hard / fast fixings (likely will just use CA'd mini bolts) I am a bit worried the whole thing is going to be super fragile - one to do some thinking about..




..the axle and trailing legs are wrapped in linen tape, so out with the decal strips again... also brake pipes are under the wrap..






..so onto the painting, not much to say other than I don't like doing it :)














..I think I will fix the lower wings on soon so I can turn the corner and start part 2 - the upper wings...





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