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1/18 Hawker Fury


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evening folks :)


Thank you for all your kind comments – I will try and live up to them!


On 10/17/2020 at 6:54 PM, jumpjack said:

And there was me hoping for a Wyvern TF1!

Should it come  to making brass look like steel/aluminium, I guess you know about 'immerse tin powder@ used for cold tinning?




Thanks Les - I don't know about this process, I guess I am going to need to get on google as I would love to be able to make brass look like any silver metal as will be seen later.. thanks for the tip :)


On 10/17/2020 at 8:27 PM, Fvdm said:

Great subject Peter, have fun building it. I see you using carbon fibre rod. Do you glue this with regular CA? Or are you using something else?


Yep - just regular CA - I cut it with a slitting disc and wear a mask as I expect the dust is bad for you, but for assembly & shaping it's a lot like very hard plastic


On 10/17/2020 at 8:42 PM, brahman104 said:

For someone that lost their modelling mojo for a few months, you seem to have half a plane built already!!!!!!! :)


Great start on the project so far Peter! I love all the little gusset plates as well, how do you do all the little internal cuts in the litho, is it just scribing with a pin then snapping out like normal?


LOVE all the brass work too, you'll definitely need it for this one!




Hi Craig - love what you are doing on the B17 - that is next level wizardry to get proud rivets into metal panels :)


yes, it's just run around the shapes with a scalpel and breaking the waste away while holding the part in a hold'n'fold tool



On 10/17/2020 at 9:10 PM, dodgem37 said:

Nice start.  Great show.  Wonderful book.  Excellent reference.  What scale?


Thank you.




Hi Mark, thanks for stopping by - it's 1/18 so it can sit with my Spitfire one day :)



On 10/18/2020 at 4:13 PM, Bobs Buckles said:

I'm in for the ride!

Excellent start :frantic:



Bob :bow:



Thanks Bob - may be dropping you line one day to talk rigging - it's all wichcraft to me :)



..got a little bit done since last time – added the seat height adjuster – an industrial sized lever indeed..




..also used this and one other photo to try and make up the control column assembly in which the control stick itself goes through a casting which is itself mounted on a rod going fore & aft..


..you can see the stick as the grey vertical rod in front of the seat, and the transverse black rod below it




..I made the parts from brass and these were just CA’d rather than soldered..




..and with the torque tubes for the aileron controls (I think..).. whatever it is it mounts to brackets on the fuselage side frames to secure the whole thing..




..for the control grip, I found a picture of a Fury one in the RAF archive, scaled it and traced it into coreldraw to get an idea of construction..


By this point I had added two small brass ferrules to a bit of thick wire and wrapped it in cotton.. I think it looks a bit overscale, but there were no better options I could think of..




..the final part has quite a few tiny bits, which I hope captures it..




..and in place – it still needs the cables from those two thumb controls..




..and that’s it – still struggling with references so just seeing what I can do while I wait to see if I can climb all over a real one






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Thank you :)


..after posting the pics of the control grip I was really bothered by how crap the cotton wrap looked..so I stripped it off..





..then I painted it in maskol masking rubber & painted that instead...




..I am happier with how this looks :)


on another note, on Monday I am going up near Duxford to meet with someone who has nearly 2,000 factory drawings of the Fury which I am allowed to access and photograph - really thrilled about that as it is becoming a problem having no references :)





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3 hours ago, Daniel460 said:

I wish you would have told us on Patreon that you were going to lose your Mojo on the 190 build Peter.


Good luck.....





Hi Dan - I am a bit confused - I did post an 11 minute video on Patreon before posting this WIP talking about Mojo and past & present experiences, have you not seen it yet?


It's here


While I hope folks stay to enjoy the show, I also talk about freedom to leave if it's not your bag


I thought I did the right thing by everyone :huh:



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