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QF-4S Phantom "VX-30" - Tamiya/Cutting Edge, 1/32

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On 1/12/2021 at 10:25 AM, Derek B said:

Loving the finish on the fin Ben - it looks superb. is the international orange Hataka red line acrylic or orange line lacquer paint?






Thank you all for your kind comments! 


Derek, the International Orange I've been using is from Hataka's lacquer range. 

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Just to show you that Scooby is anything but forgotten - here is some progress! As you may have seen a few pages earlier in this thread, Alistair from Aerocraft Models was kind enough to cast new clear parts for me and they are an absolute game changer to say the least. 


They are very nicely cast and just require a tiny bit of gentle polishing to get an absolutely perfect result. Their big advantage over the kit parts is the absence of visible injection points in the clear parts. They are rather hard to photograph and I am not sure my photos do them justice - I'll give it a try anyway. That's how the parts look after a few minutes of gentle polishing, no Future or similar being used on them:


img_7821uuk3p.jpeg img_7822yjj93.jpeg


Alistair told me that he is going to release a set of new canopies with the clear parts and frames combined which will make our lives much easier. He just was kind enough to make the clear parts as shown above as my frames were already detailed and painted. Rest assured, his set will be an absolute game changer for all Tamiya Phantom builds out there and I will definitely get at least two of his new sets for future Phantom builds! 


Here is how my front canopy currently looks - masked, painted and decals applied. Note the slightly different hue of FS35237 on the lower frame which was obviously painted over before the pilot's name was added. This also shows the difference between Mr.Paint on the forward and rear frames and Gunze on the lower frames - both being FS35237 but the difference is huge, MRP being much more blueish. On a side note, I actually used both to create the desired shade of FS35237 on the airframe - I applied Gunze first and added a thin layer of MRP on top of it. 




Next step: matt varnish, weathering. demasking. Then I'll repeat the same for the rear canopy. Then, I have to do the rear seat and to add a few antennas before I can call Scooby done. 

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A nice set of canopies already in frames would be a game changer for this kit!  I've built two of these beasts and the canopies were by far the hardest part of the builds, as they seem to be for everyone else.  While the kit has it's challenges, you have shown how good it can look and I can't think of another fighter jet that is more popular.  Alistair from Aerocraft Models should be able to sell as many as he can make.


Really nice progress Ben.  It won't be long now before Scooby is in the RFI Forum for us all to admire.






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