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Gloster stable?

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Simon has given some recent broad hints that their next kit will be from the Gloster stable, so fitting in with the Gamecock, Gladiator and Sea Gladiator. To my mind the only very welcome contender is the beautiful Gauntlet, bring it on Simon! 

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1 hour ago, geedubelyer said:

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings Max but I'm afraid you're way off track on this one. The new release is a departure from their usual fair and I'm reliably informed that it's actually the Gloster Javelin. ^_^

Yeah yeah.....good try at a wind up Guy but I ain't bitin'  :blowup:

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3 hours ago, Lothar said:

What's not to love about those in between the wars British aircraft designs!?


Indeed Lothar, I really couldn't be happier with this addition (hedging my bets here but I'm feeling confident!) to the Silver Wings list.





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2 hours ago, morane said:

A Gauntlet would be a very very welcom addition for sure, but you have also the Grebe !!!


That's very true, I'd forgotten the Grebe.  The advantage of the Gauntlet though would be that a few bits of the Gladiator could be used perhaps in the production process?

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