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Revell Piper Super Cub Luftwaffe basic trainer

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19 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

Wow, that really is a little gem! 

I've got a couple of these kits in the stash, one being a "bush" plane with oversized tires......

This really makes me want to go assembling!

Congrats on a really lovely looking Cub

When i bought this kit, i wanted to do a bush plane with the big tires. lost interest over time, even when it was released with the big tires.

8 hours ago, MikeC said:

That's wonderful. Especially well done on the engine and cowlings,  that aspect defeated me when I tried to build that kit.


The cowl assembly was fairly straightforward, but the engine alignment i totally messed up. I did this as a closed up build, so i cut away a lot of the engine and accessories to  fit the cowl. The air intake on the bottom of the engine was cut off and glued directly to the cowl bottom. Cut the prop boss off the front and used one of the disc brake assemblies minus the caliper and rod stock to add a centered mount for the prop. On other online builds, there was no mention of poor fit here, so i can blame myself for the poor fit. Definitely a different build, but shows the contrast between a small civilian plane compared to an F-15 or a typical WW2 fighter. This is also IIRC the first postwar Luftwaffe build i've ever done, lots of WW2 stuff, no modern stuff...i should change that...Thanks for the encouragement, guys!!



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Such a little gem you have there, beautiful build! :thumbsup:



...and many thanks for the assembky tips on the engine mount/cowls!


I´m exactly at that stage on my build and was scratching my head on how to do it! :lol:


Many Thanks!


Stefan :beer:

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