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Fast shipping from HLJ

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Not a paid endorsement (although I'm always open to bribery:D), i ordered some stuff from Hobby Link Japan (YES, some of the Bandai Pot Noodles kits :D). Shipping notification came from them on the 10/09 and the shipment arrived today 10/12.

Japan to Washington state over the weekend. Covid-shmovid!




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31 minutes ago, RadBaron said:

Yep, up on the Washington/Canada border.


I'm glad i don't have to deal with bloody Australis Post anymore!!


OK, thanks. All of the packages I've received in the past from HLJ, have been as review samples, not ordered by me, and the shipping was always excellent and very speedy.

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Not to lessen HLJ, but that speed though is more due to FedEx.


I had similar experience with FedEx internationally. Package shipped from FedEx on 9th from Argentina and delivered here in NC this afternoon. Same with UPS, package from Netherlands on the 9th, delivered this morning.


Can't get that speed now even with express mail though. I'm still waiting for month on express and priority packages from Europe.


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1 hour ago, nichenson said:

DHL got a shipment from HLJ to my door in NC in a day and a half...


Excellent. I have quite a few items bookmarked on their site, kits and books mostly, but have yet to pull the trigger on any of them.

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