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Hi guys.

I received a PM asking of me. Here is my situation.


Where have I been?


Over the past 12 months I have been trying to save my right foot from amputation. Last week it seemed I may lose my leg at the knee. Happily I got through it to this week.

The fight continues but I remain confident.


I am dealing with 2 hospitals. I am under the care of the High risk foot clinic at 1 of them and general care at the other.


What began as an infection in a toe has spread further. The reason is numbness in my right foot. I didn't know I had a wound.


Mentally I am fine. Losing a foot would offer me the perfect opportunity to stay at home building models 24/7 365 days per year. No complaints there.


My poor old brain is clearing up okay. I don't expect much due to it not being that great since birth anyway. 


As with all of us Covid is an issue. I am concerned about my friends here, I hope you are all well.


One build I had in a group build here was affected by my movements and came to an end.


I currently have 2 builds on the go, a MiG 29 and a 1/32 Me 109 G-6.


Stay safe everyone. 



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Hi guys.

Thanks for your kind words.


I have learned something that is very interesting regarding our feet. Here it is: the shoes we wesr damage our feet. A pair of shoes that don't hurt us retails here in Australia costs, wait for it,  $4000.00 AUD. This price is for a pair on the cheaper end of the scale.


I must conduct a full body check before I sleep. More than 70% of my body is numb. That was caused by all that chemo I had plus the shingles that wrapped my body. Let's just say I'm no longer chasing women and leave it at that! :lol:


A couple of years ago I was interviewed for a drumming podcast. I was asked about my illness and told the guy I'd had 290 chemo treatments. My doctor put me right. I had forgotten Royal North Shore hospital. I had 2 chemo treatments per week there for 19 months. So a further 152 had to be added, plus 8 more lumbar punctures. So the lumber punctures now total 42, and another 159 chemo treatments. I reckon it is some kind of record. Most people can't have so many. Their bodies can't take it. I was very lucky mine was able to cope.


I'm a very lucky man.


These days I don't post anywhere. I even stopped visiting YouTube because all the news is bad. I watch Netflix and Disney. We had a budget in Australia yesterday. I was oblivious. 


I have been building models. I built a rafale that I thought turned out well. I gave it to a kid for his birthday. I forgot to take pictures. It turned out okay.


My new focus is on jets and Russian subjects. I mainly build 1/48 due to space. I managed to screw up a 109 yesterday.


So, everything normal. :lol:


I had to close my studio. I teach from home now. This is fine but distracts the young boys who stare in awe at the model shop in which I live. 


Seriously, it's ridiculous!


I now have my own band. Sadly there's no gigs. We played 4 shows. I can't afford to pay the guys to rehearse. So we never rehearse. We just make it up on the spot. As drummer I put my ego on hold and just play time. My job in that situation is to make the music work.


Here's a jam.


I really do love modelling. It's been wonderful for me. Including all my screw ups.


Again I want to thank you all for dealing with me while I had chemically induced insanity. I was crazy when I joined. My brain is still clearing.


Thanks guys. Dale

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Good to see you've managed to keep your spirits up.  Ongoing health issues can really get you down.  It's great to see you've got good medical help, so I hope you have friends about to help keep you going.


As my cardiologist says, "Stay vertical."  :D


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