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Most elegant WW-2 design ? The Spitfire !

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Hi all,


I was  wondering which aircraft you find to be the most beautiful/elegant of WW-2.

Designed before WW-2 and used in WW-2.

Designed during WW-2 ,not used in WW-2.


Not in terms of functionality.

Just overall look.


You can only name one !


For me...





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Spitfire: 16


Mosquito: 7


P-51: 4

Hornet: 4




Me 262: 2

Rapide: 2

Dinah: 2

Macchi C-202: 2

Constelletion: 2

Corsair: 2

Ki 84: 2



Tigercat: 1

Barracuda: 1

Ju 188: 1

P-80: 1

XF-12 Rainbow: 1

Re-2005: 1

Fw-200: 1

Spiteful: 1

Dakota: 1

Yak-3: 1

Fiat G-55: 1

He 116: 1

PBY-5A: 1

Ju-287: 1

Me 163: 1

Ki-77: 1

Tony: 1

XF-11: 1

Avia B-534: 1

He-113: 1

Me 109: 1

Buffalo: 1


P-38: 1

He-219: 1

DH Albatross:1

Lancaster: 1


D-520: 1

Beaufighter: 1

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1 hour ago, Out2gtcha said:

If you are talking designed in WWII, 






Designed during WW-2 will do.Even if it didn't see combat.

But not if it was still on paper.


As for other types.

I'm not counting the different marks.


Please add your choice.

It's interesting to see .

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