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Mikro Mir 1/32 Fokker E.V/D.VIII

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6 hours ago, Kais said:

Your Razor is looking mighty fine.

thank you,

it's a bit late, because the model is almost done, but still it's very interesting material, will to take a look

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started a long, boring process. based on model size (a fuselage height near engine is 21 mm) on the nose should be 3 black rhombuses,

spent whole weekend on it, I tried to make them 7*7mm - too big, 5*5 too small, made them 6*6mm - looks good to me







to be continued...

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Well, this looks like a pro-level exercise in patience to me. Job well done! And fingers crossed there's no creepage under the masking tape when applying the paint.



Thanks for the links, went straight into the archive. After an exhaustive read I figured this was not the D.VII (that I thought I had read in the title) but still. Now I want one such old 1:1 bird as there's a local airstrip just 5 km away from here. I wonder what the recreation from those guys would cost...

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Thanks guys!!!

The model is ready, I thought it will be a fast 1-2 weeks project, but it took about a 1.5 months, the kit's quality is 5 out of 10, with some pros and a lot of cons.

Any way, it was a fun built of a nice and unique plane, hope you will enjoy


















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