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Seamless Phantom Intakes

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Seamless resin intakes for the Tamiya phantom that use the kit intake ramp, I am a little spoiled as the last couple phantoms I built used the Dmold and the Rhino intakes. I have found those easier to paint/ deal with......Don't get me wrong the SH and GT parts look great but I have yet to master the use of kilz without making a monster mess. Does anyone know where I could find the Rhino or Dmold intakes?



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Rhino Models went dark on eBay a while back. He posted a few kits a couple weeks back, but none of his resin.  Dmold makes a great product as well, but in my experience the Rhino was a slightly better fit where as the Dmold I also had to trim the bottom half of the wing just a very tiny bit to fit.  Like I said though, great products from both of these guys.

Speaking of Dmold, I need to order one of his F/A-18 top panels.


Oh well, closed for orders until October 15th. 

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Not sure what happened with Rhino, it's been over a year now. I had emailed him during the earlier part of the stoppage and he said he was in process of a move and that he would restart up once he was situated. It would seem maybe he hadn't resumed his production afterall unfortunately.

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