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Revell/Fisher Hawker Hunter T7

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I quite like it Max!!  I too have  kit from Lothar Id love to start!   Such a generous individual.  Heres to you Lothar!


As to the Hunter, I also have a Revell kit in the stash along with a FM&P conversion, but its the T8M. Looking forward to more! 

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The T7 hasn't been entirely neglected, I've been doing some work on the cockpit area, these are the main elements of the IP.  Paul has very thoughtfully positioned all the dials accurately to line up with the ironwork, so it's just a case of cutting out, sandwiching betwixt front and back panels and Bob's your uncle!!  (and how nice to have a spare set......just in case......:blush:



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Having a mini-break from the Tiger Moth, so a little therapeutic painting on the T7 cockpit.  I'm keen to move this on but I'm not sure about the simplest way to paint the ejection seat handles!  The fineness of the resin casting is unbelievable.


Note for anybody else doing this conversion, the seats come on a substantial casting block but the shallow "plinth" between the seat and casting block is part of the seat, not the block.  Cut this off and your seats will be too low in the cockpit.  More work yet to do on the IP.



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11 minutes ago, Stevepd said:

This is just brilliant. I’ve built one before I joined LSP and I loved every minute of it. It builds well and just looks the part. You’ve got me thinking now I might have to put a wanted thread up.......

Try it Steve! The LR Highlander did and I think got one! 

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Trying to get a good fit in the cockpit.  :) The central floor panel is designed to be "floating" ie not glued in place, with the left and right side panels slid in, all this to allow for shrinkage (presumably in the casting process).  




but a bit of tweaking of all three panels is needed to enable a reasonable fit with the spine casting.  So trying to get something like this:




but currently like this:









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