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Polikarpov I-16 - Spanish Airforce

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First masks applied

Here's a picture of the applied masks.

I had to do them the other way round. Usually I would have laid down the brught colours first and the black parts at last.

Now all hope is on the MRP red to get a decent finish.



The colour for the black part of the insignia and codes is a 50/50 mixture of Tamiya nato black and gloss black. That's just atad lighter than pure black.

Next step (later today): the white behind the St.Andrew's cross and as a base for the yellow/red roundels on the wings.


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A brief update.

I laid down the white base (Tamiya flat white with some clear) and twent with some random variation and higlighted rib tapes.



The wings recieved the same base for the roundels since I don't want to make it too hard for the yellow to cover.



After some decent drying time I started to blend the white in with a mixture from Gunze#s off white and some Tamiya white. I sprayed the colour really thin with lacquer thinner.

Everything looked good until I pulled the tape the next day:



Some weird stuff happened at the borders and there was even some creeping underneath the tape which I've never had any trouble until now.:BANGHEAD2:

Time for touch ups I guess. Maybe it's a good time to get back to my zipper and the gazillion stencils.

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