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ResKit stuff with photos.

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As I promised some time ago, here are some photos of new ResKit stuff. Unfortunately, ResKit doesn't show its goods in their full glory but posts just 3D renders. So...


1/32 Su-27 exhaust nozzles

















These nozzles measure 37.2 mm which perfectly fits Trumpeter kit.

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I recently received their 1/32 F4U/F6F wheel set, and it is exquisite, but a little more pricey than the competition. I didn't realise they were printed.


All this 3D printing stuff has me in two minds. It allows superb levels of detail to be very easily added, but part of me (the old, miserly, miserable bit) thinks it's a little sad, as it's a step further along the path where the size of your modelling budget dictates the quality of your finished model. How long before you order a 3D printed model that has been produced to your exact specifications, and it arrives a week later in half a dozens 3D printed bits, and all it requires is an hour or so of your time with a bottle of glue, to produce an outstandingly accurate (in both detail and finish) model that just needs painting? Or, bit further in the future, it arrives in a matter of hours, printed out as you watch on your families 3D printer via the internet? Of course, by then your robot will need to pick it up and bring it to you, as humans will have evolved into having only a single finger on each hand for typing, with arms 6 inches long so that only those unable to touch their faces will have survived the various viruses spreading around the planet.


I'm playing devil advocate here to a degree, but it seems inevitable that the onset of 3D printing will have a potentially massive effect upon aeroplane modelling. In the longer term it seems it may lead to a reduction in modelling skills, and an increase in modellers becoming constructors, with more emphasis upon research and painting than of construction?


Not trying to judge whether this is positive or not, just an observation going forward. 

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Are these 3D printed?  Most of the 3D items I’ve seen have a ton of little sprues attaching the part to a little “tray”.  Almost all of the parts in the ResKit sets that I own have the parts attached to what looks to be conventional resin casting blocks.  This is especially true for the exhausts.

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