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New line of Bottle Holders - ArseHolds


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Back in June, I started designing and 3d printing a line of glue and paint bottle holders to help stop my clumsy self from spilling so many things on my workbench. Once I had the holders I needed for myself, friends started requesting custom ones for their own bottles and from there, I came up with a plan to sell to the local club once we could eventually meet in person again (at this rate... in 2039?). So with that... introducing the Arsenal of Holders (or ArseHolds for short). 


I put a price sheet together if anyone is interested, prices are a fair bit lower than similar products (you'd be surprised how inexpensive some of these are to print!). The price sheet includes photo examples and my email to contact if you're interested in anything (or PM me here on LSP). 



I took it a step further and made bottle holder shelves to completely fill out the space in my HobbyZone shelving cubbies as well as the space on top of the shelves holds more than the HobbyZone bottle holder products designed to sit on top - these haven't been priced out yet for sale but I could probably be convinced if someone really wanted them. 


I welcome any constructive feedback and suggestions :)

Thanks everyone,











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Definitely would help out organizing my bench space and to be honest the prices are very affordable for what’s on offer, in comparison to some of the stuff i see online (i think there was a post in general section regarding a competitor product). Makes more sense purchasing from the LSP member family when they produce a similar product than putting my cash out in the market. Seiran maybe you should also link your post to the general section!



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18 minutes ago, seiran01 said:

Thanks guys!

Kev, I've thought about that but for now I think the amount of time my little printer would need to be running for that would probably end up with Gwen leaving me... :P



Nah, you just license them the designs, plus a tiny percentage of each unit sold. Let them sort out the mass production!



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Thanks Lothar,

Im happy to ship overseas if the cost of the postage isn’t an issue for you - our postage rates can get quite pricey pretty quickly.

If anyone on LSP outside of the US has a 3d printer and is interested in making/selling these products for your region, drop me a line :)


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Seems like everyone's doing "bottle holders" for scale modelers now...I generally don't have an issue spilling stuff so I never got any, but when Mike Swinburne came advertising... I gave in and ordered a couple to try out, including one custom print to hold my commonly used decal solutions. These are great - printed from ABS, lightweight, and fit the bottles tightly. Order with confidence. 














**The items seen in this post were not gifted and were bought with my own actual money. Mike in no way threatened or blackmailed me to post this message of advertisement for him.** 

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