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after some other unsucsessfull attempts at the frame, i drew it with illustrator and cut it out of black vinyl that had been shot with grey. so the outside is grey and the inside is black. these are not the final versions, still some assymetry there






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i cant work on the pit because i am still waiting on the seats, so i started to remove the rudder from the fin. there is a pretty prominent crease between the two on the real thing. its hard to get a lean cut on the joined parts, i should have done this before assembling the tail





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Hello Karl,

Excellent  scratch building. 


Your Pucara is coming along quite splendidly. 

Doing a swell job on it.

Keep it up.


:thumbsup:  :bow:


And a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPIER NEW YEAR  to you and your family. 

I have not forgotten your kindness and generosity when I saw you.and when I read the book you gave ME I often think of you Dr.Karl .


Thank you for that. 



and will you pass on MY good wishes to Heinz and his family.

Thank you.


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spelling error.
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Really impressive craftmansship :goodjob:


Auf Deutsch gesagt: Das haut mich aus den Socken! :punk: Walte Gott, daß der Coronaspuk endlich vorbei ist, damit ich die mal live sehen kann... :crying:


Wo die Go Modelling in Wien nicht mehr ist, kannst du ja mal zur Euro Model Expo nach Lingen kommen :whistle: Platz an unserem Clubstand und beim Samstags-Dinner wären für dich garantiert :hi:



- dutik

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7 hours ago, blackbetty said:


didnt have much mojo lately (but who told me to build a kit where i have to scratch 97% of the parts....)

some detail on the tail: stiffeners and the bosses for the position lights



cracking job :) I know what you mean about mojo, I sometimes think I should just build a kit for an easy life, but then if I find myself getting bogged down or pi$$ed off I just move onto scratching something interesting or different on the airframe and it sparks me back up again


keep on carrying on, you are doing an outstanding job of this



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i toyed with the idea of doing a quick "trainig day" build, but stopping in the middle of this may make it even harder to finish it, so i didnt...

what slows me a little is that the parts i mastered and Harold cast for me still didnt make it across the pond (not his fault, they were shipped weeks ago)

without the seats i cant start the cockpit, without the wheels no landinggear and without prop blades, i cant do the spinners.

oh well, maybe they will show up today

thanx for all the likes


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