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Heads up regarding glue required for the Eduard BF-108

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Not sure if it has been discussed anywhere else, but working on the new kit, It is made of ABS (or something similar) and normal styrene glue will not work on it. 


I was a little suspicious of the plastic it is made of when the sanding dust smelt like the same plastic that I use in my 3D printer, ABS. This was confirmed when parts that I thought were glued together started to fall apart or pulled apart with ease. I used Revell Contacta and Tamiya Extra thin, and both of these failed.


I have subsequently started using glue that lists its ability to bond ABS plastic and have not had any problems.





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Tamiya Extra Thin will work on ABS plastic but you need to be a bit generous with it. I recently built a Sabre Models railcar kit that was ABS and used Tamiya cement. Most joins were fine but a few needed a second application of glue. 


Tamiya does make an ABS specific cement. 



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Weird that ‘styrene glue’ does not work on ABS as the material the model is allegedly made from is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. Many glues are Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) with some additives to make it slower setting up and dissolving the styrene. One can get a lifetime supply of MEK at hardware stores fairly cheaply but please use in a well ventilated area and very sparingly. Better yet test on some sprue before going anywhere near a model. Tenax7R is less smelly than straight MEK and includes solvents that work with ABS plastic as well as styrene. Tenax7R is a little slower working than MEK, and it evaporates more rapidly. 

 I hope that helps.


best regards,


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This really reminds me of the old Monogram P-61 I built a couple of months ago...I think it was cast in black ceramic. Nothing in my arsenal worked on that one either not even MEK! I think I heard the model laugh at me at one point as it asked “is that all you’ve got?”

I put it together with CA...

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